There are a few places you can turn to for services. The first is Sacramento’s certified arborist association, which is the only one authorized by the state of California Tree Cutting professionals Elk Grove. Members of the association are appointed by the State Beekeepers Association and the California Department of Forest Services. Members must renew their licenses every two years, while non-members have to reapply every five years. A certified arborist is qualified to inspect trees on your behalf. He or she also has specialized training in the kinds of tree trimming that your company might need.

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Safe Tree Trimming in California

You can call a certified arborist’s office for advice on whether or not a certain tree should be removed. The office can also recommend tree surgeons, whose services cost more than tree service professionals but who are usually more experienced with what kinds of pruning your company needs. Another option is to hire a tree removal company. Tree removal companies will typically come to your home and trim your trees for a fee.

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If you have a small amount of shrub or tree that needs trimming, you can trim it yourself using pruning shears. You can purchase pruning shears from most garden stores, but they are not recommended for large jobs. Instead, you should call a tree removal company and have them send someone out with special equipment to do the trimming for you. You should let the company know where the damaged tree or shrub is located before they trim it, so they know what to remove and how much to move.

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