There are many different types of psychologist at work. Sometimes they are called counselors, but they work in other areas as well. For example, a counselor at work can work with alcohol or drug abuse, family and marriage issues, or psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety.


Many people confuse a psychologist at work with a psychiatrist, because a psychologist is not licensed to prescribe medication, but many psychiatrists have assistants who are licensed to give psychotherapy to their patients. Oftentimes, the term “psychologist” is used in place of “psychiatrist”, even though they are not the same kind of doctor.

Empathy, Skills, People, Communication

There are some states that allow counselors to be licensed as psychologists even if they do not have a degree in mental health. There are also states that require licensed therapists have degrees in mental health or counseling, while there are some states that require doctors of any kind to have degrees in mental health, counseling, or psychology. Most states require at least a master’s degree in psychology in order to work as a psychologist.

Some states require a doctorate degree, and in most states, there is a minimum of two years of experience working in the field. Some states do not require doctorate degrees but require several years of experience working in the field as well as a doctorate degree A psychiatrist working in psychology does not need a doctorate degree to practice medicine; however, most psychologists at work are required to have a doctorate degree.

Psychologists at work have many different areas of expertise. Counselors help families and couples, work with people suffering from serious mental disorders, and deal with people who have problems at work and in their personal lives.

Marriage counselors help couples who are having trouble conceiving or having a child. Drug abuse counselors counsel people who use drugs or who have substance addictions. Psychological counselors work with a variety of clients, but their primary function is to help people with mental disorders.

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