Car Woofers are an integral part of sound system. The word woofer is simply the modernized term for tweeters. In fact the term is frequently used for both the speaker and the loudspeakers.

Car Woofers

Car speakers are designed to reproduce low-frequency noise, including audio frequencies as low as 35 Hz. This is done by means of a horn or by pressurized air. It is these very principles that create the low fidelity audio quality that we all strive to have in our cars.

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There are many factors that can be taken into account when determining the cost of car speakers. Factors such as voice coil strength, material, size, power rating, output impedance, and sensitivity are all important. Many factors will contribute to varying the cost of the speaker.

A good analogy of this would be like comparing a new car with the old car that you currently have shallow mount subwoofer. The cost of the new car is determined by many factors other than its sound quality, but it is primarily dependent upon how accurate and crisp the reproduction of sound is within its range.

Car speakers are made by using many different technologies. All speakers will have some specification, and often car subwoofer systems will be a part of those specifications. Car subwoofers are also known as auto sound equipment. Car speakers often come with a pre-installed amplifier that will increase the overall quality of the sound produced. However, if the pre-installed amplifier is inadequate then a separate amplifier should be considered.

One of the most common types of amplifiers used for powered car subwoofers is a true flat frequency drive unit. However, there are also units that use phase distortion which is characterized by a flatter response. Some flat frequency units also utilize a low RF draw capability.

The output voltage may be controlled by a potentiometer, whereas others will be controlled by an amp simulator. A combination of an amp simulator and a potentiometer is sometimes referred to as an RF amp simulator. In addition, some true RF bass amplifiers will include a power control unit.

Car speakers can be of various types. The majority of people choose speakers that reproduce lower frequency sounds. There are however, a variety of car woofers that also reproduce high frequencies. It is in this situation that the need to control the volume becomes more important. However, when the woofer includes a mid-frequency driver, the sound can be increased without affecting the bass output.

The price range for car subwoofers is quite large. Most people tend to choose the more inexpensive subwoofers but this is not always a good idea. While it is true that the cheapest subwoofers often perform as well as, if not better than, more expensive ones and expensive subwoofer is likely to become outdated in a relatively short time span. On the other hand, cheap subwoofers tend to have short shelf lives, which may mean that you will need to replace them sooner than is strictly advisable.

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