The Railblaza StarPort mount also features four-point installation, which means that all of the mounting hardware is securely clamped to the rail. There are also numerous accessory kits available with this mount, which allow for the addition of a kayak and paddle railings as well as steering and rudder bars, making your vessel much more versatile.

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary, then the railblaza mount allows you to choose from a range of stainless steel rails to wood grain finishes. The optional rudder bar stabilizer is also available, which enables you to make the most of the performance of your rudder bar by using it in conjunction with either the backstay or the seat stay. The optional backstay and seatstay fittings are designed to be completely compatible and work together in harmony to ensure that your bow ride is perfect every time.

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Are you looking for some unique means to attach your railblaza decals to your vessel? The Railblaza StarPort is an innovative and versatile mounting bracket for marine decals, which is capable of being used in a multitude of ways in Railblaza. This mounting bracket allows you to use your favorite railblaza decal designs on your vessel, without having to take them off when you do not wish to. You will find that the majority of the available designs available are really very intricate and can only be applied if they are attached properly or stuck on correctly due to the heavy weight.

The railblaza accessories are extremely durable, with a guarantee against cracking. Most fittings have a quick release pin system, to enable you to remove them quickly when you require them. The railblaza has a standard one-year limited warranty, which covers the frame and back railing fittings, as well as all other parts and components. There are also numerous options for those extra heavy duty fittings. The railblaza can also be roof mounted, which means you will have additional space to stow your accessories. The railblaza is available in stores across New Zealand, and from internet sites that stock kayak accessories.

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