The Standard Poodle is a medium-sized dog. The Standard Poodle usually has an average lifespan of ten to twelve years. The Standard Poodle usually has a shoulder-length (not including tail) of fifteen to eighteen inches and weights 20- 32 kg (45- 70 pounds). Standard Poodles have an unusually flat head with large pointed ears and a curly tail.

Standard Poodles

The Standard Poodle is also calling the American Poodle or English Poodle. There is some confusion about the name ‘standard’, since there is no official organization that names these animals. Poodle breeders sometimes call their pets ‘amateur’ Standard Poodles Renowned Poodles. In actuality, these dogs are just as much in need of the same training and loving care as Standard Poodles that have the pedigree of being show dogs. Since many Standard Poodles live with humans as pets, it is important that they be socialized properly to prevent destructive behavior.

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The American Kennel Club classifies Standard Poodles by four types: solid colored, multi-colored, patterned, and anonymous. Standard Poodles that is solid colored is usually referred to as apricot Poodles. Multi-colored Poodles can be any combination of solid colored and multi-colored. Apricot, black, chestnut, blue, gray, white, tan, fawn, pink, peach, lilac, snow, teal, pink, yellow, black and tortoiseshell Poodles all fall into the category of ‘Anonymous’.

Most Standard Poodles have good temperament. They are affectionate, sensitive and well-balanced. Poodle breeders tend to emphasize the good traits in a Standard Poodle and pass down the traits in order to create a dog that is specifically suited to the human family. These traits are inbred in all Standard Poodles but not in all other breeds.

A Standard Poodle’s size varies between fifteen to eighteen inches in height at the highest point of the back. They are around four feet long at the shoulder. A medium sized Standard Poodle is around seven and a half inches in height at the shoulder. Poodle puppies that are eight to ten inches in height are considered small or miniature and are the ones most often sold in puppy mills.

Some of the most popular Standard Poodles include the following: The blue and tan Yorkie, the chocolate lab, the black and tan, the red standard poodle, the chocolate lab, the Merlot, the regal mermaid, the blue Merlot, the Merlot classic, the shaker mink, and the brindle. All of these poodle puppies are wonderful with kids and other pets, but they also have their own distinctive personality and character that make them stand apart from the rest. They are truly one of a kind dogs and each one has its own unique traits and characteristics that set it apart from all the others. This makes them great pets and companions for any family.

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