Tecta America stated today that Sean Motter is going to assume the role of executive unit president of Fort Wayne Roofing Company in Fort Wayne, Ind. as of May 1st, 2021. Sean M. was a member of the executive management team responsible for all areas of the company’s operations, particularly estimating, planning and fiscal management.

New President

The company has employed Mr. Motter since May 1997 as an engineer with experience in building construction and structural engineering. He has served as the company’s director of construction and project management since February 2021.

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It appears that Mr. Motter is leaving to take over the reigns of Tecta America Inc., which is in turn, a part of GE Capital. He is scheduled to begin negotiations with members of the boards of directors of both companies at the end of July.

It appears however that Sean M. is leaving in order to take over as the new president of Tecta America Inc., and to oversee the day to day operations of the company from that point forward metal roofers in Fort Wayne. This is quite remarkable, seeing that the company just celebrated its 12th year of providing roofing services to customers across the nation.

Sean M. has already indicated publicly that he expects his company to maintain its strong financial position into the future. This is very good news for everyone who is a customer of Tecta America Inc., as they are now effectively led by a single person who is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter.

There is no doubt that this single individual is very capable of running a powerful company like Tecta America. Additionally, fort Wayne roofing business owners have been enjoying great success due to Sean’s leadership. This new situation has not only relieved them of one man who was overseeing their business, but it has allowed for a much larger number of employees to be added to the ranks of Tecta America Inc.

In a short period of time, Sean M. has already begun to raise the standards of customer service in this industry. He has also shown a willingness to increase efficiencies and downsize in order to better serve his customers. This fort Wayne roofing company has received an excellent new leader, in the form of Sean M.

You can be sure that the quality of service you receive will never be sacrificed, as Sean M will be working hard to uphold the high standards he established during his term as president of Tecta America Inc. If you are in the market for new roofing services, this may be the perfect time to seriously consider working with a company like Tecta America Inc., where Sean M. will be in charge.

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