If you are looking for authentic Italian food in Nashville, consider visiting one of the many Italian restaurants in the city’s downtown. A number of local favorites include Caffe Nonna, which serves lunch and dinner in a charming, traditional environment.

Italian Restaurants Downtown

Whether you’re looking for a delicious lunch or dinner in the heart of the city, Caffe Nonna is a great option. With a focus on fresh ingredients, the menu is diverse and offers something for everyone.

Brick Wall, Chairs, Furniture

Pastaria has been serving up a wide variety of pasta for almost 15 years. It is famous for its organic pasta, which is made with fresh ingredients. Other Italian classics include smoked pork, apples, grana Padano, and lemon brown butter Caffe Nonna Italian restaurant. If you have allergies, the menu features gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. This popular downtown Italian restaurant also offers organic pasta and gluten-free options.

If you’re looking for a place that offers a romantic atmosphere and authentic Italian dishes, you’ll want to check out Italia Pizza & Restaurant, located in the heart of Downtown Nashville. According to Traveler’s Choice, this restaurant is one of the city’s top choices. Customers have given it a 3.5-star rating, and it is a favorite for special occasions. Its quaint location makes it a popular spot for couples and families.

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