It’s no secret that jobs in Singapore for foreigners have been getting tougher to find. In fact, they are downright hard to come by these days. This is because unemployment figures in the country have risen to over 5 percent and are on the rise. The good news is that employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Singapore haven’t disappeared entirely either. They are still out there and one way of securing one is by finding one of the many jobs in Singapore for foreigners that are posted all over the internet.

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Jobs in Singapore For Foreigners

The simple answer is no. Yes, there are jobs in Singapore for foreigners but it is certainly no walk in the park singapore jobs. For a foreigner just starting out on a new career path, the chances of landing that perfect job are next to nothing. The truth is, that most jobs in Singapore for foreigners require some sort of training and certification. This makes it even more difficult for foreigners who don’t have any such things.

Fortunately, there are still a few options for such people and here are the best ones. Government Jobs – the government offers a wide range of jobs in Singapore for foreigners who are willing to work for the good of the country. One can apply for jobs in the public sector, including teachers, police officers, civil servants and even some members of the armed forces.

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There are also more specialized jobs in the private sector, which you can find by doing some research over the internet. These types of jobs will normally require at least a year of work with the local government before you’re offered a job.

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