The new pay per click advertising model has finally been cracked with the introduction of what is clickfunnels. The first and most important aspect of any Click Funnel setup is your landing page. A landing page will direct traffic to either your sign-up box or your affiliate program sales page.

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It is here where you will spend time directing your visitors to either activity you want them to take. If your visitors don’t get an offer from either your sign-up box or the sales page on your website, they will click away and never return.

Click Funnels Overview

But it is also on your landing page, that you can introduce your Click Funnels. You see, the success of any Click Funnel depends on one thing; your landing page. If you have a disinterested or a bored visitor, then all your efforts might be for naught. And you will quickly discover that you have wasted your money making lots of sales with very little traffic at all.

So you see, without your landing pages, your online business will fail even before it gets started. This is why you need to focus much of your time and attention on it.


You should be thinking about every detail of your website – what your customers will find there, how to present your products and services to them in the best possible manner, etc. In this way you will get the maximum use of your Click Funnels and your online business will thrive on the strength of your niche market.

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