Humana’s new Medicare Supplement plans for 2021 are designed to give seniors an opportunity to lock in some of the most affordable coverage possible. Humana’s offerings, which also include AIG and BCBS, are targeted at two different consumer segments. The first group of people that Humana aims to target are the “hereditary” Medicare beneficiaries. These are patients who have received all or a part of their original Medicare through their employers and are eligible for Medicare Part B regardless of whether they are also covered by an HMO.

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Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Humana’s second set of programs are intended to target “non-hereditary” Medicare beneficiaries who are either unemployed or self-employed and whose families don’t qualify for Medicare California. These are the group of people whom Humana intends to attract with its new Medigap policies. Unlike the HMOs and PPOs, PPO and POS plans of Humana don’t restrict the members to any one medical provider. Patients can see any doctor who accepts Medicare and any hospital that accepts Medicare, with the only restriction being that a hospital within Humana’s network must be a participating hospital in the Medicare Part B program.

Humana’s plans are not without their problems, however. Although Humana’s Express open enrollment period has had many positive reviews, the majority of participants still have not enrolled despite the great rates and coverage offered. Also, Humana’s Money Management Plan, once considered a premier managed care plan by Aetna, has been dropped by the company.

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And even though Humana’s newest plans, for seniors 55 and over, include options like a Dental HMO rather than a PPO, participants in this program have reported difficulty finding local dentists who participate in the plan.

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