If you have visited Google in the past, you will notice a new icon on the search results page called, “Click Here.” This allows users from around the world who use Google to go directly to a specific website. It used to be a very confusing page to find a website because there was no indication of which site you were going to. This is now an easy way to find websites on the Internet without having to jump from one to another.

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People’s Websites

You will see this icon when you are looking for a particular site by typing in a keyword click here to see. For example, if you type in, “How to drive traffic to my new site,” you will see the options of how to get the traffic you want to your site. You will see a drop-down menu with a number of options like Ad Word, Ad Form, and Banner Advertisement. Clicking on one of those options will take you to that particular site. You can click on each option to learn more about them and then make your decision.

Final Words

Another nice feature of using this icon is the ability to bookmark your favorite websites. When you find a website that interests you would want to link to from your website, you can bookmark the website and make it easy to find later. By doing so, it will become more difficult to click the link to take you to the new site. Instead you can just click on the bookmarked link to take you directly to the website. I have found this very convenient and very easy to do.

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