It is an exciting adventure once you eventually opt to change to solar power. After lots of research, you have decided you would like to purchase solar panels roofer Tucson AZ. You are so excited that you have already begun to explore solar contractors in your area. However, one small issue now holds you back from making the transfer into solar”What else should I do before requesting a quotation?”

Roof Is Ready Review

We suggest checking to ensure that your roof is as prepared to get a solar panel setup as you’re. There are 3 major questions you consider before you make the transfer to solar power:

  • What exactly does your roof look like?
  • What’s the state of your roof?
  • Just how much color does your roof get during the day?

Your answers can help you figure out if it is time to receive estimates to get solar panels. Let us dig into every query, will we?
A fast review of your roof is a large first step in deciding whether it is prepared for a solar panel setup. There are 3 Big factors you need to think about:

  • The age of your roof
  • The roof material
  • Possible hurdles for solar panels
  • Age of the roof

The old your roofing, the more probable it is that you will want to do some work before you invest into a solar collection. If your roofing will have to be replaced over the next 10 decades, it is ideal to replace it until solar panels are set up.

While solar panels have been installed on asphalt and metal roofs, some roof materials, such as Spanish and slate tiles, need more maintenance when installing solar panels. If your roof is constructed from a delicate substance, you need to speak with a professional roofer to his or her recommendation on lifting panels on your roof.

Possible Obstacles

This implies obstacles, like vents and dormers, can restrict how many panels may fit in your roof. A fantastic solar adviser can possibly design about those challenges, but it could still affect your general solar capacity.

Based upon the state of your roof, then you might want to replace it until you install fresh panels. Inspect your roof for the following hints:

  • Damaged rafters or trusses
  • Leaks or stains from the loft or on walls
  • Mildew
  • Dark,”dirty-looking” stains on the roofing

If a roof is showing any of these indicators or has not been replaced in the previous ten decades, look at obtaining a roof repair quote from a specialist. Shop around and see what you may find. If the place that you would like to set up panels is inaccessible, then consult your residence’s patterns for the construction of your own roof.

Shade from trees and other buildings may restrict the creation of the system. As a result of this, it is ideal to refrain from installing panels in shady places in your rooftop, if at all possible. If needed, trees may also be trimmed to maximize the unshaded area in your roof. Use Project Sunroof to observe a quote of how much sun your roof sees annually and which areas of your roof will be ideal for panels.


Ensure That Your Roof is Ready for Solar Panels
Just a little preparation can make a significant impact to your solar power system. By considering three easy questions regarding your roof, then you can set your panels in the very best position for optimum production.

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