A carburetor is basically a fuel injected system that delivers fuel to your engine at the point where the air passes through the carburetor. The carburetor has a piston that pushes the air through the case and a valve at the top of the carburetor that allows the fuel to flow into the engine through a tube.

Clean a Carburetor

This fuel mixture is usually ignited by a spark plug located somewhere in the engine, usually on the firewall or near the carburetor bell-housing. Most cars have the carburetor sealed by an air filter, but in some older models, it may be necessary to clean the carburetor in order to ensure proper fuel delivery to the engine.

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The best way to clean a carburetor is to use carb cleaning products that are designed for carburetors and that do not harm them in any way. If you are using an old car carburetor then you will most likely find that you can clean it without harming it, if it’s been running a long time.

In fact, it may be dangerous to clean a car carburetor while it is running if you do it the wrong way to clean a carburetor. You should avoid touching the carburetor when you are cleaning it, as the compressed air and the moisture can make small metal parts of the carburetor rust and/or melt.

When I clean carburetors I prefer to use carb cleaner fluid that has been specifically made for cleaning purposes. These products are generally stored in a steel container that prevents them from deteriorating while they are in storage.

The cleaner fluid is first mixed with a small amount of water and used to spray onto the carburetor and then allowed to sit for about five minutes. After the five minutes are up, the clean water is sprayed onto the entire surface area of the carburetor and allowed to sit for another five minutes before being rinsed off with water.

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