The UK49s lunchtime results for the general election are finally in. It was expected that the party with the most seats would win but the result looks like a hung parliament. The Northern Ireland unionists have been licking their lips at the chance of a united Ireland and now seems like a possibility.

UK Weekend Charity Teatime Drawing Results

It is also possible that the Liberal Democrats could lose their deposit. There are plenty of other big stories in the news today, which may affect the outcome of this election.

Shaking Hands, Handshake, Hands, Welcome

The UK 49s lunchtime results for the general election are showing a very tight race between the Unionists and Liberal Democrats. If an overall result is seen as a Conservative scalp, the unionist vote may fail to materialize.

If the Liberals form a government, they will surely not stand by their claim of a free vote and may go back on the campaign trail after next year’s reshuffle when the prospect of another election arises.

Another big issue in the Uk 49s lunchtime results is the future of the row over renewable energy. If the Liberals win, they are expected to scrap subsidies for onshore wind farms and solar panels uk49s teatime results. This could mean that Scotland will be left out in the cold on renewable energy investment.

The Scottish government is yet to make any statement on this. The news from South Africa is that the proposed new Trans Pipeline for South Africa has stalled due to resistance from local communities.

The latest news from south Africa is that the consortium behind the construction of the proposed gold mine is now dead. The consortium was due to break ground on the mine last week but it looks like this may have been put off indefinitely.

This comes just days after the news broke that another big goldmine project in Zambia has collapsed. This is very worrying as South African projects are seen as very large, very complicated, and very risky. However, the UK’s new opposition leader has promised a thorough investigation into all gold mining projects.

Next up in the UK’s national lunchtime draw is another well-anticipated contest. Last year saw the emergence of three new Prime Minister, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and George Osborne.

In the UK’s teatime results of the three most likely contenders to take the keys to Number 11 have been announced. Two of these Prime ministers are seen to be backing their parties, Nick Clegg for Prime Minister and George Osborne for finance secretary.

The other major party in the running for number 11 is the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. Last year he announced that a review of financial policy would be conducted to “look at how best we can support the economy during these difficult times”.

This has been widely reported as being a move to try and attract investors towards his own party, following the public clamor for a review of the policy which led to many stocks being wiped out on Wall Street.

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