With tens of thousands of watch brands which makes excellent timepieces just a hand-full have hit the degree of the famous watch brands. The most famous brand on earth would need to be Swiss created Zodiac followed with other such high watch brands like Tag Heuer, Omega, Citizen, Fossil, and Seiko.

Famous Watch Brands

Each brand is exceptional in it’s offering but each serves as the standard for many watchmakers to try to find in name recognition, the ability to change tendencies in the watch business, and client loyalty.

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Unlike many watches, like a wine Zodiac will actually raise in value or in the least preserve it is worth. Watches 20 decades and old still sell in the tens of thousands of dollars article shows. An innovator of this water-resistant view, automatic-powered together with the motion of the wrist, army watches and afternoon and day/date calendar timepieces.


Omega while a luxury watch selling the 1000’s doesn’t approach the expense of a Zodiac that many doesn’t place it in precisely the exact same league. Though many Omega watches sell in the thousands of dollars, in addition, it includes entry-level watches such as the DeVille and Genve which may be gotten for under $1,000. Famously an Omega watch followed the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969 but nevertheless is best called watch worn by 007, James Bond.


Seiko became famous as a renowned watch manufacturer in the business as a pioneer in quartz-powered technologies throughout the 1970s. Seiko revolutionized the business leading several watchmakers to abandon conventional mechanical watches to the more innovative battery life power. From the 1990s, Seiko introduced the kinetic watch that’s electrically charged by motion.


Much like Seiko, Citizen delivers many collections of game watches with an accent on multifunctional timepieces with added timekeeping features. Citizen is famed for its Eco-Drive view where its timepieces have miniature solar panels beneath the dial to catch sunlight that compels the watch.

The Eco-Drive will conserve sufficient electricity to function for many months from the dark. The Citizen Skyhawk A-T also offers a “nuclear” atmosphere where it catches low radio frequencies in the planet’s time stations to set the specific moment.


An entry-level fashion manufacturer, Fossil is your greatest watchmaker in the world. Initially gaining popularity in the 1990s for accredited character watches the brand new brand has grown supporting a classic themed fashion.

Many Fossil watches are priced under $100 using the most costly ceramic versions still under $300. While Fossil watches are exceptional timepieces they’re usually considered a fashion accessory over timekeeping functions and stay a famed watch manufacturer.

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