Excavation Safety is one of the leading issues in the construction industry. The main issue is when the digging starts or the digging ends. If it begins, it is usually because there has been a change in the ground conditions, such as poor drainage. If the digging ends then there are many other issues that need to be considered including health and safety precautions.

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There are three main rules which you must follow for proper excavation safety. Firstly, the contractor and the property owner must notify the relevant authorities if there is any possibility of Excavation in Geelong being harmful. It must also be specified that they will take all reasonable steps to control the area of the excavation and protect the people around them at all times. It is essential that the contractor adheres to this policy. Any equipment used for excavation must be maintained in good working order and the site operators must follow safety procedures at all times.

Excavation Safety

The site owners should ensure that the contractors adhere to safety procedures while on excavation work. This is not just important from the workers but also for the public. It is vital for the safety of visitors to the site of the excavation to remain calm and unperturbed. It is expected that the contractor would have already provided for visitor safety before starting the work.

The contractor and his workers must also stick to the required work schedules. This means that no work should be stopped just because some equipment needs to be fixed or some renovation work needs to be carried out. Delays can have a serious impact on the completion of the project and can cause significant financial loss. Therefore, the contractor must ensure that all timetables are adhered to strictly.

The site owners themselves will need to follow strict health and safety guidelines. They should wear the correct clothing. They should not be wearing very tight clothing because it will only irritate their skin. The asbestos powder used by the contractor must be kept away from their face and eyes. Gloves should be worn to protect them from particles of glass or other airborne dirt and dust. Before using any chemical substances they should be tested to ensure they are safe for human beings.

Final Words

Finally, the contractor and his workers need to follow excavation safety rules. There are some safety procedures that the contractor should be aware of. One of these is the use of ear plugs to keep from being exposed to loud noise. Another is not to smoke while working. If any of the workers neglects to observe these rules it can lead to serious legal problems.

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