Concrete is an extremely popular building material used for both industrial and residential structures. It’s strength, affordability, and longevity makes concrete contractors columbus ohio an ideal material for many projects. However, concrete can be costly to manufacture.

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To make concrete more affordable, manufacturers will produce bags of the material in large quantities so they can use them in a variety of projects without breaking the bank. While concrete is durable and stable when it’s properly formed into shapes, it can crack and break under certain conditions so it’s important to use the right concrete sealer.

Concrete Sealers Overview

One such condition is when concrete is poured too quickly into a space that isn’t straight or even shaped properly. The sudden pressure caused by heavy machinery, traffic, or even dropped objects can cause concrete to crack or crumble, especially if it’s next to hard surface. A crack in a concrete slab is called a stress crack, and they are very common in concrete repair and construction projects.

A concrete aggregate mixture that contains limestone or gypsum is mixed into the concrete mixture during the grinding or shaping process so the strength of the concrete is enhanced when it’s poured. These aggregate materials provide a smooth aggregate surface that doesn’t crack or break under normal circumstances, but they are soft and can be damaged when exposed to certain conditions.

In addition to stress cracking, breakage from overheating can occur when concrete is exposed to hot weather for long periods of time, such as during the summer or winter. Excess heat causes fine aggregates to expand, which in turn leads to a phenomenon called flash tensing. Flash tensing occurs when the concrete starts to form grains, which then crack.

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Flash tensing is also caused by high temperatures because the fine aggregates don’t have enough time to expand while the cement sets. By sealing concrete to prevent flash tensing, manufacturers can prevent cracks and save on construction materials.

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