Bunion surgery, or bunionette, is a term given to the surgical treatment of bunions. A bunion is a bony bump on the bottom of your big toe that causes great pain. Bunion surgery is performed on bunions in order to help alleviate pain and correct deformities in the foot, with a focus being on correcting conditions that cause large, sharp points on the foot that put excessive pressure on the ball of the foot.

Bunion Surgery

With bunion surgery Edinburgh, you can finally be free to wear any kind of shoes you want to without fear of having an unsightly bunion sticking out from behind your beautiful shoe!

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The first step to bunion surgery is to have a thorough examination by your orthopedic surgeon to determine if the presence of bunion symptoms is a sign of a more severe problem or whether it is just part of the normal aging process.

Bunion surgery is generally considered as a preventative measure. This means that following surgery your feet will be less likely to be injured or suffer other foot-related problems later on in life Bunion Surgery Perth. But before undergoing surgery, your doctor will likely perform a series of tests to rule out other possible ailments or injuries that could cause the same symptoms that you’re experiencing.

If bunion surgery is decided upon, the procedure is normally scheduled for approximately three hours in the evening following the last full night of rest. During the procedure, a small incision is made and a long flexible tube called a hallux valgus is inserted into the incised area.

The surgeon then closes the tube while applying a localized anesthetic and cooling agent to the foot. Following surgery, your feet should feel normal and pain-free with slight swelling and bruising following, which will subside over time.

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