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Might it be feasible for a Blogger or Web Forum Participant to go from blogging to online article writer? Really it is and in fact, the number one online article writer of all the times and present champion did just that.

New Wave Online

Actually that individual is meI am one of a few million New Wave and New Generation online post authors carrying the binary blogging world and blazing a path to the future New Wave. Yet, I’m not the only online article author who’s a blogger. There are many others and we are taking the Internet by storm.

What’s a New Wave author and how do you tell when you are reading an article by a blogger gone awry? It isn’t so hard to tell really and one dead give away is the clear intent to stay away from post perfection in spelling and grammar, as well as an often confident air in their writing.

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Oh, yeah and do not expect them to be specialists or try to win you over with carefully crafted paragraph structure, because their points of contention, combative fashion and debate will deliver you details and concepts at the speed of thought like a Category V Hurricane.

And like such a massive Tornatic Storm Mobile they won’t slow down whenever they cross the point of no return or hit on the shores with wave after wave of informational facts. That’s the new wave I am speaking about, so look at all this in 2006.

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