Ultra-high voltage (UHP) capacitors are used in a variety of industrial applications including precision electric motor assembly (C.E.O.) applications, high-frequency power control systems for industrial machines and heavy-duty equipment, semiconductor device function control applications, and various other application areas.

They are also used in electrical engineering applications such as circuit breaker protection, power management, and signal conversion for communication systems and high voltage power supply applications in the industrial and communications industry high voltage ceramic capacitors. Capacitors can be used to convert AC voltage to alternating current (AC). They are capable of delivering high currents in extreme environments.

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UHP Ceramic Capacitor Ratings And Capacitors

Capacitors of this class produce high-frequency currents that are necessary for a variety of C.E.O. applications. The majority of ultra-high voltage capacitors are manufactured by a few companies such as LMC, KQCP, Sunbeam, Panasonic, and Vishay. Some of these companies have built up large manufacturing operations and manufacturing capabilities to handle the increased demand for these types of products. Some of the companies that manufacture UHP ceramic capacitors manufacturers are Born, National Electric Capacitor (NEC), LMC, KQCP, and Vishay.

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There are several different classes of ultra high voltage capacitors, the first being solid state. This class is characterized by its capability to operate at high temperatures. Another type of solid state capacitor is the tubular type that is similar to the discrete sponge capacitor but does not contain a liquid lubricant for dissipating heat. The ultrasonic tubular high voltage capacitors are also manufactured by some companies such as LMC, KQCP, and Sunbeam.

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