If you have looked at the home improvement section in your local newspaper or on the home improvement channel on television you may have seen one of the infomercials for a town called Abington Township in PA. The town is located in Clementon and contains twenty-five hundred residents.

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About half of the residents live in the town center in an apartment building that was built a couple of decades ago Roof Works of Jackson. The other half lives in a row of homes that were once occupied by Abington Elementary School in Clementon.

The town of Abington Township has always had a low tax rate, but recently the town decided to put a new police station and fire station on the northwest corner of town, along the railroad tracks. This will increase the tax rate over the next fifteen years, so they are now looking to increase town revenues by increasing the sales tax.

What many citizens are surprised by is that the town’s board passed a resolution in November 2021 to not allow anyone to construct any multi-unit buildings on their land, except for hotels, and that those already existing buildings will need to be demolished. There will be no new permits issued because all new construction will be required to go through the town’s planning department. So if you want to build something like a hotel in town, you need to get planning permission from the town.

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If you are building something like a hotel there, you need to get planning permission from the town. The problem is that many people think they can build a new hotel on their land without planning permission, but that isn’t true. You still need to get planning permission for any additions to your property. Getting an Abington Township PA roofing permit is important if you want to be able to build a hotel in town.

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