The Motor Company of the South Island in New Zealand has introduced a new model in its range of electric cars – the Urban Atlantic. The company states that this electric vehicle (EV) has been designed for the consumer who is looking for a vehicle that gives more bang for their dollar.

Serra, Mountain, Mountains, Altitude

In addition, it is said to be a vehicle that offers great value for money and also an excellent range of features go to scott. It comes with a variety of advanced engine technologies including Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VCTC), which are believed to offer major benefits for the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Green Alternative

“New Carrollton is known as a world-class destination city for visitors and residents alike. The city is a lively and exciting place with some of the best nightlife and shopping around. Its natural beauty is best appreciated from the beach. “The Urban Atlantic will not only prove to be an exceptional car for its class and styling but also offers the convenience of a plug-in vehicle,” said Steve Crampton, the Managing Director of the Automotive division of Pacific Investment Corporation. “We believe that there will be a significant volume of demand from owners of luxury sedans looking for a zero-emission vehicle to complement their current vehicle.”

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The city of New Zealand is situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. This is the largest lake in the country. This city has welcomed millions of tourists and residents over the years and is considered a modern, tourist destination with great shopping and entertainment opportunities. The city of New Zealand is located in the southeastern corner of the North Island. The Electric Vehicle Association of New Zealand (EVaic) estimates that approximately 940 electric vehicles will be sold throughout the year 2021.

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